Jewish Traditions with the van der Zyl Family

The main picture shows Rabbi Dr Werner van der Zyl, of blessed memory, and his wife Anneliese, their only daughter Nikki with her husband George, and the grandchildren Kerry and Darrell.
This demonstrates that, with good will, any family difficulties can be overcome.

Rebbetzin Dena Weinberg says: There are no problems, only opportunities for growth.

Linda Blair, clinical psychologist says: Grandparents also impart important values. In a recent survey cited by Netmums, more than 50 per cent of adults said they were taught respect and manners by their grandparents.
Grandparents are vital, too, when it comes to helping their grandchildren understand their background, thus allowing them to consolidate a sense of identity which, in turn, fosters self-confidence.

Rabbi van der Zyl was never denied contact with his grandchildren, and they enjoyed many happy times together.

Rabbi van der Zyl was the founder of the Leo Baeck College, London

Kerry writes: My brother and I had a wonderful childhood. It was filled with Jewish traditions, making shabbat every Friday (photo bottom left), either at home or with our grandparents at their house, and celebrating all the Festivals throughout the year. I remember especially Purim when we dressed up as Esther and Haman (photo right). Our joint Bat and Bar Mitzvah (photo bottom right) conducted by our beloved Grandpa was a special day that I will never forget. I was terribly disappointed to learn that Darrell, later when he had his own home, had a Christmas tree.

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